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music production

Artists want to be heard, and they want the best sound quality. Together we worked on the recordings until we were completely satisfied. Above all, the satisfaction of the artist is my top priority.

Mixing LP from Artists Leatitia

recording, repair & clean

In my opinion, it is always good to first clean all traces and check for errors. e.g. vocal tracks are first checked for cliping and other errors. Breath sounds as well as other disturbing noises are greatly reduced or even removed without changing the actual sound of the voice.


Mastering is not about reinventing the track. Rather i think that the artist’s idea has to be understood first. For this reason, very good communication with the artist is essential. After all, it is the artist who has to like the song at the end.

While you are about to make the artist happy, it is of course just like me to let you incorporate the technical points of the production in parallel. To work out the groove and the flow nicely and to help the song punch in the right places. In the end, everyone should nod their heads in rhythm.

Each master needs different steps to make it successful. Everyone is interpreted and each song by an artist is different from one another. Certain processes repeat themselves and are clearly meaningful in most situations. But music is simply individual.

Example: after listening to the song several times, the track is cleaned first. I may use the RX7 from izotop here to really silence breaks, clipping and other errors.

Then i process the signal with an IQ to reduce possible interference frequencies a little. I prefer to do this dynamically. Here i often see how many attack too hard and destroy their work. You can  destroyed a track not only be with compressors. 

As soon as i have finished these steps i start to even out the frequency picture a bit. Depending on the track, i now process the signal with various multiband compressors, automation, saturation, other EQs and limiters. It is also very important to always plan sufficient breaks. My ear is the most important tool and it should always be rested and work properly! In my view, pauses are even more important to hear as a reference.



Whether learning to play instruments, producing or the technical background of music. I never really had any training but always just enjoyed music! That’s exactly what makes it easy for me to keep improving. My suggestion to you: find out consciously and honestly what you cannot do.


I often have to force myself to finish projects. When I realize that I’ve only moved an instrument back and forth for half a dB in the last ten minutes, it’s often time to end the thing or let it rest for a while. I always find something I want to improve. Without a cut like that, I’d probably never finish.


It can also often be very difficult to be able to put yourself in a good position with other people. You not only feel happiness with them but also suffering. It is the same with music.

To put yourself in it and empathize is a great help to understand music and to bring it to life.

Acoustic Instruments Sound So Alive and Real

Acoustic instruments offer a unique and direct sound experience, with a warm and alive sound that comes from their natural sound properties. Unlike electronic instruments, where sound is played through speakers or headphones, the strings and bodies of acoustic instruments vibrate directly in the air.

Each acoustic instrument has its own distinctive sound that is determined by its materials and construction. The way a musician plays the instrument also affects its sound, leading to the fact that no acoustic instrument is the same and each sound is unique.

Another advantage of acoustic instruments is that they are independent of technology. They do not require power or technical equipment and can be played anytime, anywhere. Whether on a stage or at home, acoustic instruments offer an unmatched sound experience.

Experience the warm and alive sound of acoustic instruments. An investment in one of these instruments is definitely worth it. Discover the uniqueness and authenticity of these sound sources.

Acoustic Room Optimization

The acoustics of a room play a crucial role in determining the sound quality of recordings made in a studio. Unwanted echoes, standing waves, and other sound anomalies can cause muddled audio that detracts from the overall clarity and definition of the recordings. This is why acoustic room optimization is essential for a recording studio.

Through proper acoustic room optimization, unwanted sound reflections can be reduced or eliminated, creating a more accurate and consistent sound environment. This leads to clearer recordings with improved definition, detail, and separation between different elements of the audio. In addition, optimized acoustics also make it easier for engineers to monitor and mix the sound, as they are able to hear a more accurate representation of what they are recording.

Acoustic room optimization can involve various techniques, including the use of acoustic panels, diffusers, and bass traps. These materials are specifically designed to absorb, reflect, or diffuse sound in a controlled manner, improving the overall acoustic environment of the room.

In conclusion, if you want to achieve the highest quality recordings in your studio, it’s crucial to invest in acoustic room optimization. Not only will this improve the sound quality of your recordings, but it will also make the recording process smoother and more efficient, leading to a better overall experience for everyone involved.

side project´s

I don’t just want to produce myself, it is often the things that go along with it that give me as much pleasure.

Graphic Design

I like to take photos and some of my photos are post-processed and used as covers. I’m definitely not the best photographer, but I have at least as much fun doing it as I do editing my music.


For years I was on stage with my bands and we made sure that many people had a great time and wonderful memories. Today I’m very often at festivals listening to the young ones. To be behind the mixing desk to bring the sound to the front would be a little dream. So, if you are a live mixer, why not invite me? I would be happy to learn from them and have something to show. Let’s discuss about sound and music.


From time to time it happens that I also work with other artists. Whether it’s just cleaning up vocal tracks or producing a complete track including mix & master and the release, everything is possible, you just have to ask. The only thing that matters is that everyone enjoys the work.

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